Fly-A-Way (Kickstarter: Birder's Delight Pledge)

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UPC: 8881304747998
Publisher: Tuber Productions
Designer: Quek Oon Hong , Nguyen Huy Hung , Lynette Lee , Simon Vincent , Iris Tang
Ages: 10+
Min. Players: 2
Max. Players: 4
Duration: 90 Min
Fly-A-Way is a competitive, family-friendly, strategy board game that’s all about helping migratory birds cross the East Asian-Australasian Flyway (EAAF) to reach their destinations safely.
As birds face man-made and environmental dangers, it will be up to players to rally support for their cause—getting the public funds they need and pairing up with birders to save their feathered friends.
The birds, migratory routes and events encountered in the game are a product of careful research and consultation with our knowledge partner BirdLife International (Asia).

Note: This is the BIRDERS' DELIGHT PLEDGE with all stretch goals.


Fly-A-Way is a competitive, family-friendly board game on bird migration for 2-4 players. Help birds of different species and habitats by placing links and completing their migratory routes.

Along the way, birds will face off against Fowl Play events, ranging from poachers to forest fires. Rally support for your cause by playing Wing It cards—get the public funds you need and pair up with birders to save your feathered friends. Use the special power of each bird you save to further aid your conservation efforts. Hurry, for your campaign may be devastated by a Bird-tastrophe—a disastrous event that affects all players.

The ultimate bird conservationist wins. Play your cards right and strategise to get the most points from placing links, completing migratory routes and saving birds.

The nine Star Birds of Fly-A-Way: our endangered friends who need urgent attention by conservation groups like our knowledge partner BirdLife International Asia

By supporting us now, you will be getting 6 bird cards that were specially designed for Kickstarter backers only.

Watch the official "How to Play" video:

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